Aurora Technical Consulting’s Philosophy & Values

Giving You the Technical Consulting You Need to Move Forward

Having worked with many businesses just like yours, we know where you want and need to be. It’s all about remaining competitive and having an advantage on the IT forefront. With the advantage of technology, your business can run smoothly and down a clearer path. Let’s face it, if we stick to old ways, you will only be playing catch-up the entire time.

Aurora Technical Consulting has three immutable laws that we stand by:

1.   You get what you pay for.

Sometimes going the cheap route gets clients cheap results and they end up spending more money on support or hardware in the long run.  In the end, we need to make sure your technology accomplishes your business goals without costing an arm and a leg.

2.   No computer nerds allowed.

We love working with people. We aren’t the type of computer nerds that lock themselves in the basement of their mother’s house and game all day long. Having said that, we love working with people who respect our time and our expertise. We will not work with people who do not respect others and, in turn, you can expect the same from us.

3.   Seriously? Why so serious?

We are a fun loving company and attract the same type of employees. We work well together and like to have fun doing it.  We enjoy interacting with our clients and like to make sure that the relationship stays professional, but fun.

Aside from our laws, you will see that:

  • We make sure the client is happy.
  • We act with Integrity.
  • We provide fast, friendly, fun, and professional service.
  • We embrace change as we are ambassadors of change.
  • We educate ourselves about technology.
  • We practice what we preach when it comes to technology.
  • We are attentive to what we are doing.
  • We make sure we are doing the job right.

We know what you are looking for in someone to work with: a person with professionalism, integrity and passion. We take pride in our work and enjoy seeing you succeed.

Follow through with your goals and build on your successes with a company that values your ambition as well as their own.

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