Pure Lifestyle Center Counts on Aurora Technical Consulting to Serve Their Clients

Based in Meridian, Idaho, Pure Lifestyle Center offers a 360 degree approach to total wellness. To help deal with the challenge of ensuring client record security and to keep all its back-office systems running smoothly, Pure Lifestyle Center turned to Aurora Technical Consulting.

Pure Lifestyle Center is much more than just another facility advocating a healthier lifestyle. As Operating Manager Jene Palkowetz explains, the practice provides a comprehensive list of specialty services tailored to each individual.

“Pure Lifestyle Center is a complete wellness center that employs a full 360 degree approach to total body wellness and lifetime longevity,” explained Ms. Palkowetz. “The center offers everything from spas and skin treatments to medically-managed weight loss.”

The center has been open for just under a year and already the Pure Lifestyle Centre has added several new staff members to meet growing client demand. With a staff of thirteen full-time professionals, keeping everything, and everyone, on track and organized means Ms. Palkowetz relies heavily on a dedicated IT infrastructure and specialized software.

Pure Lifestyle Center Operating Manager Impressed with Aurora Technical Consulting and Owner Troy Brown

“Before we even took in our first client, we knew we would need to partner with an exceptional IT provider to help guide us and physically implement the servers and associated hardware we would need to operate the practice. We interviewed several firms and I was particularly impressed with Aurora Technical Consulting and Troy in particular. It was evident that he was proficient technically and he was able to provide several possible solutions for each request. He took the time to fully explain the pros and cons of each solution and he was very easy-going and personable at all times.”

As a facility offering medical services, the Pure Lifestyle Center falls under the jurisdiction of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The Act imposes a number of regulations including stringent requirements on the safe-keeping of electronic health care records.

“One of the challenges that Aurora Technical Consulting solved for us as we were ramping up ahead of our opening was everything having to do with our HIPAA requirements,” said Ms. Palkowetz. “Troy did a tremendous job in guiding us through our HIPAA obligations and established a process to ensure we were in compliance.”

In addition to protecting client data, the Pure Lifestyle Center relies on Aurora to manage all its IT needs.

“We have a monthly service contract set up with Aurora to look after our back-office systems,” explains Ms. Palkowetz . “This has proven to be exceptional value and not  only can we forecast our monthly costs, knowing that we have IT expertise on hand should we need it is very reassuring.”

Often times, Troy’s team will detect issues and fix them before they become a serious problem, but even when something unexpected happens, Aurora can access our systems remotely and solve the issue very quickly minimizing any interruption to our service.”

With the service you have received from Troy is it safe to say you would recommend Aurora Technical Consulting to others?

“Absolutely – Troy and his team played a significant role in getting our IT systems ready for our opening and Aurora has continued to optimize our systems so we can concentrate on serving our clients.

I highly recommend the team at Aurora Technical Consulting.”

You need affordable and customized IT services to grow your business and Aurora Technical Consulting can help you with that. Put a stronger focus on your business and let us take care of the rest.

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