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Ever experience a day where your technology is holding you back and costing you too much time?

Outsourced IT Services

Ever experience a day where your technology is holding you back and costing you too much time? Aurora Technical Consulting’s managed services help you stop worrying about your technology and start being more productive than ever before!

Boise Computer Support

Outsourced CIO Services

In the modern business environment, technology is necessary to perform day-to-day tasks, but we know technology seems like it’s getting in the way sometimes. The truth is, having a vision and making it a reality is difficult without the right tech by your side. As business owners ourselves, we know the pain you’re going through and how hard it is to run a business and worry about your technology.

IT Services In Boise

Fixed Cost Technical Support

Don’t find yourself sitting at your desk with a computer that won’t turn on, making the start of your day a nightmare. There are many reasons for hardware failure and some of them aren’t pretty. Don’t let yourself fall victim to common problems. Our hardware-as-a-service offering gives you the hardware your business needs – and all of the support & maintenance taken care of – for an affordable monthly fee.

Tech Support in Idaho

Help Desk Support

Problems will happen, and it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Sure, it’d be great if we could stop all potential problems from happening, but technology isn’t fail proof, and ultimately, it’s going to have a hiccup or two once in a while.

IT Solutions for businesses

Cloud Consulting

All you hear about is how the cloud can help you and that you should be using it. Isn’t it frustrating to not know what it truly does for you? How does the cloud actually work? We offer cloud consulting because we know you have questions that need to be answered. Here is what we address through our cloud consulting.

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Microsoft Office 365

Having one program for all of your daily tasks makes for an affordable solution. With Microsoft’s Office Suite you will always be up-to-date and ready to open. Keep up to date with databases, accounting spreadsheets, emails, eye-catching presentation templates, and professional document formatting with Microsoft Office 365!

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Server and Desktop Virtualization

When you choose to leverage virtualization, you’re able to eliminate clunky and expensive hardware that eats up space and power within the office while requiring constant maintenance – allowing you to save time AND money. Stop running inefficiently with outdated methods and removable storage units that can be lost or stolen. Give us a call at (208) 936-7616 to learn more about virtualization.

information technology services

VoIP Business Telephones

Doing business without a phone is impossible, but the skyrocketing prices of traditional phone services are the last thing you need. Now imagine being able to cut your phone bill in half! Using a VoIP business phone allows you to improve communication and potentially save thousands of dollars a year.


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