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From the rearview mirror

Aurora Technical Consulting, originally started in 1998, started with setting up small business networks in the local community. When a dental office approached our founder, Troy Brown, he enjoyed sitting down and providing current solutions for what they needed. After recognizing a new passion for IT solutions and officially starting in 2001, his company took the wheels to the pavement and started improving small businesses through the effective use of IT.

Information Technology Consulting in Boise

How we take the wheel

Driving along this road has formed us to be a different IT company than one you’re probably used to, one that you can actually relate to. We love what we do and we have fun doing it. Most people are surprised upon meeting us, because we are easy to get along with and know how to communicate with you. With that in mind, we focus on:

  • Working with you to improve your present operations and productivity – putting together an IT strategy that makes sense and stays within your budget. We believe in working with you to implement the best solutions.
  • Go beyond the dirt road to look for future solutions – reducing overhead and bringing innovative technology to new limits. We take pride in looking forward and giving you step-by-step improvements to streamline your operations.
IT Services In Boise

Our motivation going forward

It’s simple: We just want what’s best for you. Making sure we give you quality and efficiency is what brings success to our business. We focus on putting together a custom package of IT services that is cost effective, easy to maintain, works well and stays future-proofed – this is the IT solution everyone is looking for.

technology consulting in Boise

We’ve been doing this for a while; we know what you want and how you want it done. Give us a call at (208) 936-7616 or email us at to get started and focus on your business while we handle the technology side of things.


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